Keep it Simple

August 28, 2017

All to often I have an artist look at the website or show room any I see it in their eyes "I wish you had more options" I’m going to tell you our little secret. out of the 500+ frame samples you see on the wall in our show room I MAYBE pull 30 or 40 of the molding we sell the most of. Why? Because our clients are artist and their goal sell their art. Simplicity sells by keeping the odds in your favor. The more unique, elaborate, or distinct your display the more you narrow you market to people with your unique taste. Your one in a million, your customers shouldn’t be. The molding we chose to keep in house and online are simple and elegant with few frills to make them very flexible on many pieces. We stick to the fool proof core frames that have wide appeal. We Follow the industry, these aren’t the frame that I arbitrarily pick, these are the frame we sell over and over because they are the frame our our artists sell over and over. I know this isn’t what you want to hear, you did just spend hours and days pouring your soul into a painting. Trust me we will both feel better when you sell that painting and make money on your framing for the first time…Because you did mark up your frame 100% right? NO?! Guess we will have to talk about that next.

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