Let Wholesale Frames Perk Up That Blank Wall

September 10, 2013

You may be an interesting person, but nothing says boring more than a plain, blank wall.

A blank wall should be viewed as an opportunity to create interest and personality that is unique to you in a space. Many people are overwhelmed by the stark, empty area because they don’t know what to do with it. The best advice is to start with a focal point.

Before tackling your blank wall you must consider the elements of good design first so it comes out well, perspective, balance, scale and proportion as well as contrast are all important to how the wall looks in the end.

And don’t think you have to break the bank for your design project to look great, Wholesale Frame Company in Meriden CT is here to help!

Showcase your collections: Take whatever you have and put it on the wall. Your children’s lost mittens become art when placed in a custom picture frame. Colorful woven baskets can become a focal point in a hallway, and your childhood train set can become art when elevated on small shelves

Photo and map murals: A vintage wall map mural in one of our antique style frames is the perfect choice for a home decorated with antique furniture. Or, go modern with a world map or a train line map of your favorite city. Photo murals with outstanding reproductions of nature or urban scenes enliven a blank space.

Chalkboard and/or pinboard: Use chalkboard paint and/or cork to create a statement wall. This is an ideal solution for kitchens and offices. Cover a wall in cork and use it as a brag wall for children’s art or as an inspiration board. By using chalkboard paint on an entire wall, your art becomes whatever you can draw. If you worry about not being an amazing artist, use a projector or graphite/carbon paper to help you draw a design onto the wall.

Oversized art: Purchase a large-scale piece of art or make your own abstract art. If you make your own, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Select acrylic paint colors that will complement and add depth to the room. Craft stores often have great sales on huge canvases, so you can try to create your own Pollock or Rothko, or just paint the canvas in a solid color. We can custom make oversized frames to fit your work.

Create an art wall: Tile similar-looking art into a large wall display. Whether the images are simple drawings or photographs, the repetition and slight differences of the images elevate it to become enchanting.

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